Sylvia's Story

Sylvia participated in All Tri's 2010 triathlon season and raised $2500 for Scottish Rite Hospital. Sylvia became intrigued with All Tri because it allowed her to raise money for the charity of HER CHOICE.

Sylvia was a gymnast in college and has always enjoyed physical activity, but endurance sports were not her thing at all. She decided to take on the challenge of an Olympic distance triathlon because there was a whole lot of motivation to finish this thing... her daughter. Isabella.

Sylvia chose Scottish Rite as her charity because of the incredible care her daughter received there. Isabella was born with congenital hip dysplasia and central core disease. Dr. Rathjen and his team treated her step by step and evaluated the best measures for her. Isabella went through bracing, traction, multiple surgeries and body casts which ultimately gave her hips that work and looks pristine on an x-ray.

Finally at two and a half years old, Isabella walked. Sylvia saw a multitude of children working hard every day with a strong will to accomplish physical tasks that many people often take for granted. Sylvia wanted to put as much physical effort as these kids do everyday to help support the hospital that gives children a chance to accomplish their own physical goals.

Since completing her first Olympic Distance triathlon in 2010, Sylvia has gone on to participate in many more triathlon event including a Ironman 70.3 this past April.

Sylvia’s spirit and enthusiasm for her charity shines when she says, “I am definitely not fast, but I can call myself an endurance athlete, because I never give up - just like the kids at Scottish Rite Hospital. A good friend described an endurance athlete as not one who goes fast, but one that keeps going. I love that description because I think it also relays to life. Thank you All Tri for the friends I made, the goals I accomplished and the new love I found for triathlons.”

Sylvia's son, Jacob, is already following in her footsteps and just completed his third kids' triathlon! Who knows, maybe one day, Isabella will be strong enough to do a triathlon with the family as well!