Casey's Story

 On a bright summer morning in July 2010, Casey decided to go for a run in Riverside Park; little did she know this run would ultimately lead to a new passion in her life.  As she was running, she noticed a group of people climbing out of the Hudson River. Just as she was overcoming her initial dismay that people would actually swim in the Hudson, she saw everyone leaping onto their bikes and racing away toward the Westside Highway.  The energy around the area was frenetic and Casey was completely mesmerized.  She knew the athletes would be finishing in Central Park and she just had to be there.  After sitting at the finish line for over an hour cheering on strangers on their way to completing the Nautica NYC Triathlon… she knew right then and there that she had to do a triathlon. 

In April 2011, Casey moved to Dallas and started running in various races to see new places around the area and to meet new people.  After a 5K, she was walking around the vendor tents and someone asked her if she had ever considered doing a triathlon.  That person was a representative of All Tri.  Casey learned that All Tri was a local non-profit organization that helps participants train for a triathlon while raising funds for the charity of their choice.  The previous December, Casey’s aunt had been diagnosed with a Stage IV Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.  Through All Tri, Casey saw a chance to do something to show her aunt support and make a difference.  Casey had the opportunity to train for a triathlon and raise money for brain cancer research in honor of her aunt.

Casey began training for the Toyota U.S. Open with the All Tri Tribe and Coach Aaron in June 2011.  She has since become completely enthralled with triathlon.  This experience has not only made Casey a stronger athlete, but it has made her a stronger person.  

During the season, Casey’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At that moment training was about more than just becoming a better athlete.  It also became her release.  
“I found out about my mom’s diagnosis on the way to swim practice and as I sat in the parking lot sobbing, I considered skipping practice.  I am not sure what happened, but I convinced myself to get out of the car and once I was there with my All Tri team members and Coach Aaron I instantly felt better. The support and camaraderie amongst the triathlon community is truly extraordinary.”

Even though the All Tri season has officially ended, Casey has continued to work with Coach Aaron.  Recently, she raced in the Galveston 5150 and qualified for the HyVee National Championships next September!  All Tri will be there supporting Casey along the way.
“I can’t wait for next season; hope to see you out there!”
                                                                      - Casey Poe