Josh's Story

In 2009, Josh moved to Washington DC for work.  He left his wife in Dallas and went on a search for a new home and a slight change in his career.  He was there for a very brief 6 months, but his takeaway from the experience was life changing  After some events that brought him home, he realized that he had grown to an astonishing 280 pounds!  Josh’s doctor told him that he needed some serious change and his health was definitely on the wrong track.  This news inspired Josh to make changes in my lifestyle and overall health. 

While working in DC, Josh met a co-worker named Brad.  On Brad's desk he had a white board with the Iron Man logo drawn on it. Josh asked what it was and Brad told him about the details of his training and his multiple Iron Man races.  At the time, Josh told his coworkers that he was absolutely crazy and that Josh would never dream of doing something like that to himself.

Little did he realize that he would someday eat those words.  Brad had planted the seed, and Iron Man soon became Josh’s dream.  

From January of 2010 to January of 2011, Josh built up his endurance and managed to run a handful of 5k races including the Dallas Turkey Trott (8 mile run).  During that time, he lost 60 pounds and felt that his health was much better overall.  He began to feel confident that he could expand from running to biking and swimming.  Biking came very easy to Josh and he felt he was ready for two-thirds of a triathlon.  He quickly realized, however, that swimming was both difficult and scary to him.  Until the age of 31, Josh had never realized that he had a fear of swimming in open water.  He had panic attacks when trying to freestyle swim and breath properly.  In Josh’s words, he needed help ASAP.

After running a 5k in McKinney TX, Josh and his wife (and biggest supporter) walked by the All Tri tent.  They stopped to chat with past participants and current board members, Brian and Andrew.  By coincidence, Josh had read about All Tri just days before.  The concept of raising money was extremely appealing.  Josh’s grandmother had just passed of cancer a couple years earlier, and his cousin had just passed away from cancer earlier in the year.   Josh’s charity was an easy choice.  The American Cancer Society represented something near and dear to his heart. 

Josh’s All Tri experience would have been nothing if it wasn't for the incredible team and more importantly, coach Aaron Patel.  When Josh started training, he could barely swim 25 meters.  Aaron stripped Josh’s fear of water away and ultimately made him enjoy swimming in pools and in the dreaded open water!  He learned more about running and cycling as well.  Aaron prepared Josh for his races mentally and physically.  About Aaron, Josh says
“It is hard to pick one individual reason why people should choose to join All Tri.  If I was forced to pick just one, it would be the amazing coaching from Aaron.”

During Josh’s first season with All Tri, he completed 3 Sprint Triathlons, 1 Olympic Triathlon, 3 5k races, and the Wichita Falls Hotter n' Hell 100 mile bike race.  His favorite memory is when he was struggling through the swim in the Toyota Cup.  
“I turned over and just thought about who I was racing for.  The thought that I was racing for my grandmother and my cousin just kept driving me through the race.  I crossed the finish line blowing a kiss up to them with tears of joy.  2011 has been the best year of my life.  My daughter Addison was born, I improved my health, and became a Triathlete.  I can't wait for future seasons and the time I will spend with all my new friends I have made at All Tri.  Up next, Iron Man.”