Athlete’s Love of Sport Helps Support United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

DALLAS, Texas – Local athlete Nina Vaca gives heart, mind and body to raise over $23,000 for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative.

According to data from the USHCC, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that the Hispanic school-age population will increase by 166% by 2050. The Latino youth population will play an integral role in the future success of business. Nina Vaca recognized this and combined her goals with her passion to help educate young entrepreneurs.

Nina discovered All Tri at a local 5K event and became interested in the opportunity to train for that triathlon on her bucket list and also fundraise for the charity of her choice. This timesaving idea sparked her interest, and she soon had 23,000 reasons to wake up in the morning to train. She thought about all the people who had donated and the importance of finishing. “I was inspired by the future entrepreneurs I would help and enjoyed giving back to the community.”

Her advice to other potential athletes is to remember that it is 90% mental. She advises to, “pick something that you are passionate about.”  The more confidence you have in the charity of your choice, the more passion you will have to approach people to help. “Passion for charity and sport is a great combination for success. Actually giving your body and mind completely to charity takes it to a different level. [It takes] perseverance, tenacity, heart, grit – everything I have that is who I am.”